Sat, May 18, 2024
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Wall Product Designs

Ornamental plaster molding (gypsum molding) can work miracles in a room by creating a beautiful and unique design adding style, pattern and contrast. Our Ornamental plaster molding works well with a variety of design styles. Ornamental plaster molding will enhance a rooms beauty and deliver it to the another level of elegance and style. Plaster ornaments will draw the eye up to give a room architectural character. Add an elegant wall or ceiling molding to your decor, it will embellish your room by providing rich and intricate details.

Below is a comprehensive list of products from our extensive library:

  • Plaster Friezes
  • Plaster Chair Rails
  • Plaster Picture Rails
  • Plaster Panel Moldings
  • Plaster Capitals
  • Plaster Pilasters & Columns
  • Plaster Wall Panels
  • Plaster Mantels, (High-strength Gypsum panels)
  • Plaster Ornamental panels, (High-strength Gypsum panels)
  • Plaster Window & Door Casing And Trims (FGR95)
  • Plaster Baseboards & Plinths (FGR95)
  • Plaster Wainscot Paneling (FGR95)