Sat, May 18, 2024
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Finishing options:

    Option A:  'Match-to-existing' as it looks on your ceiling:
      This finish is recommended for partial replacement and it is matched exactly as you have on your wall. 
      Our finished surface will replicate the look of your existing crown i.e. soft edges caused by many coat of paint.


Option B:  'Match-to-original conditions: 
  This option is recommended for FULL room replacement and it is matched to the original condition
  when it was fabricated 100 years ago. 
We will clean and remove all of the paint from the surface of the molding.
  The molding will be sharp with crisp edges just like as if it was installed originally

M.E.C. To Match-Existing-Crown Replacement Form
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Plaster is incredibly durable however over decades of shifting structures and water intrusion damage may occur. Plaster often times can discolor, crack and even dislodge from its surface. Simple plaster repair to its original state is a cost saving solution as an alternative to replacing it.  There are several methods to achieve the desired look. As skilled plasterers we can repair ornamental molding with careful patching and sculpting. If the plaster is beyond repair we can remove an existing section to create a matching to existing mold. We will then cast the mold in plaster to a slightly longer piece than needed and fit it into the missing runs. Restoring ornate plaster professionally in order to preserve those marvelous details in historic buildings and homes for your enjoyment and future generations to enjoy.

Laczko Studio Inc. takes pride in our vast knowledge of restoration and conservation of historical buildings, restaurants, lobbies, homes, spaces or rooms all around the New York. Your building is a piece of history celebrating an era and we want to assist you in returning it to its original glory. Our 25 years of experience have provided us with the knowledge of American historical architecture needed to repair, renovate, recreate and touch up your piece of American history. Our team values the rich history your building holds and will work with you to make sure that history is preserved. We provide you with the best work under the trickiest of circumstances. We offer our customers full plain or ornamental plaster crown, cornice or cove molding repair, restoration or replacement for interior design. 
Gypsum Plaster material is not only allows for starker and finer designs but it last for generations. Finally unlike other decorative materials such as wood or plastic, the plaster moldings offers a seamlessness that does not crack, DOES NOT shift or shrink with changes in temperature and humidity it is timeless!
This products is gypsum-based made from natural resources -- plaster (gypsum) and water -- of varying hardness for differing durability needs. This provides a natural looking environmentally friendly product with exceptional durability. As well the Gypsum plaster is a Non ToxicNon-Hazardous and Non-Combustible!